Vertigo / Giddinesss / Dizziness

Vertigo is a sense of motion when the patient is still. Vertigo is a symptom of certain diseasesnot a diagnosis in itself. It can be :
Subjective Vertigo : In this the person feels that he/she is moving while the surrounding is still.
Objective Vertigo : Here person feels that he/she is steady & there is movement of surrounding objects.

Causes of Vertigo:
Disorder of inner Ear.
Vestibular system causes vertigo. It can be Central or Peripheral.
Trauma like head injury
Surgical Trauma
Neurological Causes
Metabolic Causes
Certain Medicines

Commenest Cause is Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo:
It is due to problem in lateral semi circular cannal. It mostly resolves with Medical treatment & Habituation exercise.

Habituation Exercise :

Benign Positional Vertigo:
It is the commonest cause of vertigo which occurs due to dysfunction of Labriynth.
It is characterized by Rotational vertigo or feeling of imbalance when the position of head is changed or getting up from the bed.
Causes :
Head Injury
Viral Infection of middle Ear or inner Ear.
Mechanism - Small calcium particles cause Otoconia,gets disloged from normal position they float freely in fluid in inner Ear, gets trapped in one of the canals. Sending abnormal signal to brain causing feeling of movements when the person is actually not moving.

Treatment :
Medical treatment is very effective.
Repositioning Maneuvers.
Surgical procedures like Gasek's operation.