Eustachian Tube Problems

Eustachian tube connects the middle Ear with the Naropharynx. This tube helps in regulation of middle Ear pressure and ventilation. When Eustachian tube gets blocked, middle Ear ventilation gets affected causing negative middle Ear pressure. This results in retraction of Ear drum with effusion of fluid in middle Ear. Over period of time this fluid gets infected.

Mostly seen in small children from age 27 y years. Commenest cause of this is Adenoid, which are collection of Lymphoid Tissue in Naropharynx. Problem can occur due to adenoid. Blocking the Naropharyngeal part of Eustachin tube therby preventing proper ventilation of middle Ear or it can occur due to Adenoiditis when by Adenoid gets infected . This infection gets transmitted via Eustactian tube to middle Ear

 Hearing loss
Ear Fullness
Pains in Ear
Ear Discharge

Medical Treatment is usually sufficient in most of the cases.
Eustachian Tube problem

MIRINGOTOMY( Incision of Ear drum):
To remove the fluid in middle Ear.
Myringotomy with ventilation tube.
 Insertion for long ventilation of middle Ear.