Is well equipped with state of art VIDEO ENDOSCOPY to Show the findings to the patient and the relatives in REAL TIME and Full time Dedicated, post graduate Audiologist Audiometry facility, Impedance Audiometry.

We perform all operations in ENT like
Tonsillectomy Conventional, Radio frequency assisted & Co–ablation tonsillectomy No Bleeding, Early recovery),Septoplasty, Septorhinoplasty FESS(Microdebrider) , Thyroidectomy, Tympanoplasty , Mastoidectomy, Microlaryngeal surgery, Stapedectomy, Lymphnode biopsy , cancer surgeries, excision of submandibular & parotid glands,Tracheostomy, Foreign body removal from Ear, nose & throat under General Anesthesia , endoscopic DCR, etc

Vertigo Clinic
Headache Clinic
Voice Clinic
Speech Therapy Centre
Cancer Screening

Laser Assisted, Biopsy & Biopsy with Radiofrequency(Bloodless & OPD Procedure)

 Comprehensive Ear, nose & throat check up
 Oral and Laryngeal – Video Endoscopy


 300 sq ft separate ENT OT with LIVE demonstration of surgery
 Split AC, Hydraulic OT Table
 Ceiling mounted light, Major Boyles machine
 Monitor trolley for video endoscopy
 Medical grade Monitor striker (USA)
 Suction machine, cautery machine – 2 units
 Separate autoclave, sterilization room & wash space.
Radio frequency (Bloodless Procedure & Early Recovery)
Co- ablator
Flexible Fiber-Optic Laryngoscope