Childhood Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss in Children:

Its decrease in the ability to perceive sounds. It can be partial or total, sudden or gradual, temporary or permanent. It can affect one ear or both. In general, the risk of hearing loss increases with age. The prevalence of deafness in India is fairly significant. It is the second most common cause of disability. Approximately 63 million people (6.3%) in India suffer from significant auditory loss.

Types of Hearing Loss in Children:
 Conductive Hearing Loss: Outer &/Or Middle ear damage
Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Inner ear damage
Mixed Hearing Loss: Outer &/Or middle ear & Inner ear damage

What causes hearing loss in Children?
How it affects Child's quality of life?
Difficulty in developing Language
Unclear or No Speech at all
Disturbed socialization with others
Lower self-esteem & confidence

How to avoid it???
Avoid heavy noise exposure for long periods
Donít ignore discharging ear
Eat dark fruits & vegetable more
If child has cold, treat it immediately
Consult an ENT specialist & Audiologist immediately if you see any Signs/Symptoms of Hearing Loss.

What if already have hearing loss.....
Get the Hearing Tested
Use Hearing Aids as soon as possible